What We Believe


We believe that an individual must be born again (not by works, but by faith alone) to inherit the gift of eternal life. In gratitude for this unsurpassable gift, Christians should listen to and obey the Lord, and further the extension of His Kingdom.


Our historical roots are found in the reformation of the church that took place in England about 1550 to 1650. The book “A candle burns in Africa” traces the history of our denomination in South Africa, and is available in our library.


Our form of Government is Episcopal. This means that we have a Bishop as overseer of the denomination. His function is much the same as the moderator of the Dutch Reformed Church. He is also the Shepherd to the ministers of our denomination.

Statement of Faith

Our Statement of Faith is summed up in the Thirty – Nine Articles of Religion. These can be found at the back of our Prayer Book.